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Welcome to the Boccaccio Revue

„Beauty without veil“

Erotic fantasies come to live at the Boccaccio Revue! An exclusive night presented by Prague Burlesque. Champagne, special cocktails, delicious food, ageless music and burlesque in the breath-taking interior of the Boccaccio Ballroom – a Neo-Baroque jewel in the centre of Prague. A whole new experience! 

Address: GRAND HOTEL BOHEMIA, Králodvorská 4, Prague 1

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"Krása bez závoje"

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Experienced producers Sonny Vargas and Miss Cool Cat will create an atmosphere of smoky cabarets, introducing performers from all around Europe. Presenting exclusive performances by COLETTE COLLERETTE and FLYING WILLY FROM BELGIUM and many more. A classy show for all the connoisseurs of vaudeville entertainment.

Colette Collerette (BELGIUM)

Get caught in a sensual time travel! An award winning, international burlesque artist, escaped from a silent movie, Colette will wow you with her dreamlike decadence.
She is the perfect mix between the glamour of the roaring twenties and a typical Belgian sense of humour.
Colette Collerette is truly one of a kind. When charisma, sensuality and talent meet, Colette is what you get!


After years of performances, theater appearances, opera extras, Willy felt in the Cabaret scene and since then never left.
Finding there the perfect place to mix music, dance, roller skating, boylesque and many other practices, Willy storms on stage in a clumsy yet sometimes appealing attitude.  
You can find him on international stages and often in the Cabaret Mademoiselle in Bruxelles.


Miss Cool Cat is an international performing artist combining multiple elements in her performances. She is a burlesque, fire and aerial performer using giant, memorable props.
Though based in Prague, Miss Cool Cat also performs in cities all around the world. Her acts are developed in co-operation with renowned fashion designer Zuzana Kubickova. She is a proud member of the Prague Burlesque Show.


Sonny Vargas is a neo-burlesque impresario, filmmaker and musician based in Prague, He is best known for his stage troupe Prague Burlesque, which he founded in 2007 and developed into a local institution and international touring company.
Evenings experienced in the company of Sonny Vargas are the best thing that can happen to you. Just like enlightenment. He’s an unbearable flatterer with darker than black humour and charming innocence.


You can get tickets at the Hotel reception: Grand Hotel Bohemia, Králodvorská 4, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha 1. Make sure to get the best experience and book your tickets in advance. In case of any question, we are here for you. Looking forward to meet you at the show.
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